One student who benefited from the NUSBSA Bursary Fund was an NUS Business student, Alex Yang. His mother, a clinic assistant, was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and had to leave her job. The school expenses and tuition fees gradually added stress to an already trying situation at home. “I cannot emphasise enough how relieved my mother looked when I informed her of my bursary award, and how happy she was when I assured her that I was doing well in school,” he shared. Read his story here.

Tan Sin Nee was a recipient of the 2018 NUSBSA - Bharat Luxindo Agrifeeds India Bursary. Unlike other students, she took a longer route to reach her goal, entering into ITE before retaking her 'O' Levels and enrolling in Nanyang Polytechnic. She then secured a place at NUS Business School to study Accountancy (BAC).

She faced a second hurdle when her father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease during her second year of university. As her father is the sole breadwinner, her family was left with limited savings and burdened with mounting medical bills. Sin Nee had to consider to stop studying and join the workforce. Fortunately, she received a bursary that helped her graduate from NUS. Sin Nee is now working as an accountant in Thermo Fisher Scientific, an American Biotechnology company.

Siti Arina was a recipient of the 2012 NUSBSA - Lim Pu Leh Bursary. After her mother passed on, her father was the sole breadwinner of the family. With a younger sister to care for, she did not want to burden her father with her tuition fees and she strived to be financially independent. She took on two part time jobs while studying and tried to pay off her school fees herself. Despite her hard work, she was still unable to do so and ended up owing the school money. Out of desperation, she considered dropping out. The bursary award was what gave her hope and enabled her to continue university. She has now graduated.